The Space-Saving Concertina Model of Loft Ladders


If you live in a house with a loft, chances are you’re not making the most of it. Many individuals do not fully utilise their loft area since the access method, which is commonly a ladder, is unsound and dangerous. If you’re planning a remodelling project, you’ll need to think about loft ladders. The concertina loft ladder, a style that telescopes up and down utilising an articulating, hinged structure, is a popular choice. These ladders are simple to use, install, and maintain. Here’s some details about a loft ladder that we really appreciate because of its space-saving accordion design.

The Space-Saving Concertina Style of Loft Ladders

This beautiful ladder is appropriate for heights of up to 3.66 metres from floor to ceiling. A ladder of this calibre should cost between £200 and £300. One characteristic we like is that it’s the ideal answer for non-standard applications, such as places with restricted floor space or loft openings that are too big or too little. Another advantage is that it folds into a cube form, requiring no clearance on the loft’s outside. On top of the loft hatch, the entire ladder is hidden. If you intend to install the ladder yourself, keep in mind that a concertina style is the most straightforward of all loft ladders to install.

Key Features of the Space-Saving Concertina Model of Loft Ladders

The unusual form of this ladder ensures that it will fit into almost any loft opening with ease. Rubberized treads assist avoid slippage and promote safety and comfort when using the ladder. Even if you’re not a seasoned DIYer, you’ll find it simple to build this ladder because it comes already completed. A kit for changing your lift-up hatch to the pull-down kind necessary for this ladder is also included. The compact concertina loft ladder is extremely sturdy and durable. It can sustain a person weight of up to 150kg. Remember that the 150kg figure covers the user’s weight as well as any items being carried up or down the ladder. The ladder’s treads are extra-deep (80mm) and extra-wide (380mm), making it extremely safe and simple to use.

A Few Specifications of the Space-Saving Concertina Style Loft Ladders

Another characteristic that drew our attention was the ladder’s stainless steel carriage and stainless steel bolts, which we didn’t see on many rivals’ ladders, which used softer and less durable aluminium bolts. Aluminium bolts are known to be less stress resistant and prone to breaking when loaded. The ladder is ideal for practically all applications since it requires a minimum loft opening of 430mm wide and 600mm long. The maximum loft clearance height is 450 mm, and the backboard is 30mm x 180mm. Because it has two springs to sustain its weight when lowered or lifted, the ladder is very simple to use.

When room is limited, loft ladders like this tiny concertina form are a wonderful solution.